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"Digital Jewish Studies: Exploring Jewish Communities in the Online Space" collection of articles is published

The collection of articles "Digital Jewish Studies: Exploring Jewish Communities in the Online Space" /(Ed.-in-chief I. Dushakova, M. Kaspina) is finally out! 



The collection of articles is focused on the research of the interaction of Jewish communities with the digital space: self-presentation and external presentation in social media, the transfer of religious practices online, adaptation to the limitations in communication since the beginning of the pandemic, the formation of a system of opinion leaders in the digital space, Slavic-Jewish contacts and conflicts in social networks and forums, etc. The collection includes a translation into Russian of H. Campbell’s classic work on the development of the Jewish Internet, a review of methodological approaches to this kind of research and a number of case studies examining a wide range of religious communities in Russia and around the world, from the ones most resistant to media technology to those most adapted to it. The first collection of articles of this kind in Russian is addressed not only to researchers of the Jewish culture or mediatization of religion, but also to all those interested in current social processes.

To read the collection please follow the link (in Russian): >>>

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