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Publishing Programs

Editorial Mission

Since its establishment in 1994, The Sefer Center for the Study of Jewish Civilization has served as the major Russian-language academic publishing outlet in the field of Jewish Studies in the FSU region. The main objective of the Sefer publication project is to publish original research materials on all aspects of Jewish Studies. This project is joint initiative of the Sefer Center and the Center of Slavic-Jewish Studies of the Institute of Slavic studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 2018, DOI are assigned to every publication. All publications are openly accessible.

The Sefer Center publishing project includes the following series:

1. new! Publication of the peer-reviewed academic journal in Russian “Judaic-Slavic Journal” (since 2018)

2. Publication of Slavic & Jewish Culture: Dialogue, Similarities, Differences Annual (since 1994)

3. Publication of TIROSH. Jewish, Slavic & Oriental Studies Annual (since 1997)

4. Publication of field materials collections series on Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia (since 2013)

5. Publication of Annual International Conferences on Jewish Studies proceedings (from 1994 up to 2018)

6. Joint publications with other universities, educational and academic centers