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News and Events


New Editions of "Sefer" Center

"Sefer" Center is happy to announce the edition of two collections of papers.

This collection of essays came as a result of the field research conducted by Sefer Center and the Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. These essays focus on ethnographic, epigraphic and archival studies of history of the Jewish community in Smolensk region of Russia. Scholars from Russia, the United States and Israel present a broad range of topics: religious and cultural life, demographics, legal and socioeconomic standing, relations between Jews and non-Jews. Encompassing the most up-to-date research on the topic, this volume is an achievement to be valued by historians, anthropologists, educators and any reader seeking to understand the historical and cultural developments in the Jewish community in the region.


Editorial board: M. Chlenov, I. Kopchenova, S. Nikolaeva, I. Pichugin
Pagemaking: I. Pichugin
Managing Editor: M. Chlenov

The presentation of new books took place during the XXV International Conference on Jewish Studies.

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If libraries and universities are interested in getting our editions, we can send our books (unfortunatelly we cannot cover mail expenses), please contact us by

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