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New Peer-reviewed Journal in Jewish Studies in Russian

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Sefer Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization and the Institute of Slavic Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) are happy to announce the launching of their new peer-reviewed journal of Jewish Studies:  Sefer: Studies in Jewish History and Culture. Its first volume will be published in early 2018, from then on we plan to publish it 2 times a year.

It will be a thematic interdisciplinary journal with a focus on East European Jewry. Papers on other fields of Jewish Studies will also be given serious consideration. We encourage historians, students of culture studies, religious studies, philosophy, literature, linguistics, art, ethnography and anthropology to collaborate. Our main criteria are high academic level, originality and significance.

The journal has three editors: Dr. Victoria Mochalova (director of the Sefer Center, and head of the Judeo-Slavic Center, the Institute of Slavic Studies, RAS),  Prof. Mikhail Krutikov (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA), and Prof. emeritus Shaul Stampfer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel). Dr. Alexandra Polyan (assistant professor, Department for Jewish Studies, Institute of African and Asian Studies, MSU) will be the managing editor of the journal.

One of our goals is to strengthen the ties between Russian speaking scholars and Western academics. In the journal, there will be reports on developments in the field of Jewish studies as well as reviews of publications in Russian, Hebrew, English and other languages.

We will generally accept articles that have not been published previously – in any language. The journal will be published in Russian. In special cases, English language articles can be accepted and they will be translated by the editors into Russian.

Our journal is peer-reviewed (all submitted articles will go through double-blind review) and the published issues will be “open-access”.

Maximal length of an article is 60 000 characters. Guidelines for authors can be found here.

The title of the article is to be submitted in English and in Russian. An English summary is also required. Bibliography has to be dubbed in Latin characters.

We invite authors of articles and reviews to send in their submissions to: 
We look forward to your cooperation!
Editorial board


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