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Center SEFER Grant Award

Center SEFER Grant
for Supporting the Research of Russian Jewry

Center "Sefer" has awarded the applicants for thegrant for supporting the research of Russian Jewry.
Congratulations to our colleagues!

Post-Graduate Students Research Grants:
Bilous, Larysa (doctoral student, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada). Project title: «Jews in Wartime Urban Space: Ethnic Mobilization and the Formation of a New Political Identity in Kyiv, 1914-1918».
Slater, Isaac (doctoral student, Goldstein-Goren Department of Jewish Thought Ben-Gurion University, Israel). Project title: The Life and Thought of Rabbi Shmuel Alexandrov.
Strakhova, Anastasiia (doctoral student, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, US). Project title: Unexpected Allies: Imperial Russian Support of Jewish Emigration at the Time of Its Legal Ban, 1881–1914.
Fishel, Alexandra (doctoral student, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Kiev, Ukaraine). Project title: Jewish Epigraphic Monuments of the Necropolis near XV-XIX CenturyChufut-Kale as a Historical and Cultural Source.

Faculty Research Grants:

Waysband, Edward (Humanities and Social Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Russian and Polish Studies, The University of Caen, Normandy, PhD) Project title: Russian Literary and Press Responses to Polish-Jewish Tensions at the Beginning of World War I.
Rashkovskiy, Boris (All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Comprehensive Research Department, Religious Studies Group, Senior Researcher, Ph.D.) Project title: Khazaria in Jewish Sources of the 10th-16th Centuries.
Rebrova, Irina (Center for Anti-Semitism Studies at the Technical University of Berlin, Ph.D.) Project title: Remembrance of the Holocaust in the North Caucasus: Discourse Analysis of the Official Soviet Documents.
Sperber, Haim (Western Galilee College, Israel, PhD). Project title: Those who stayed behind - the impact of immigration on Jewish women and Jewish family in Eastern Europe 18901914.

This grant is awarded with the support of the Genesis Philanthropy Group.


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