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Winter School on Jewish Studies. Call for applications

We are glad to announce the Winter School on Jewish Studies, 3d  6th of February, 2015

Winter School on Jewish Studies organized by Sefer Center will take place on 3d – 6th of February, 2015 in“Golitsyno”. The school is organized in partnership with Chais Center for Jewish Studies in Russian (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and with financial support by Genesis Philanthropy Group and Israel Cultural Center in Moscow.

The theme of the borderland as not only a geographical and national phenomenon but also as cultural, language, political and historical one, the theme of the inner and outer borders is one of the central themes in the history if Jewish nation, the big part of which lived and lives today in the diaspora. This subject has a potential for different possibilities - as dialogue, collaboration, interference and conflict.

Students who are interested in Jewish studies, especially in the Jewish-Christian relations, in the forming and transforming of Jewish identity, in the language segmentation of the Jewish society are invited to participate.

The program of the School includes lectures mini-courses (every participant can attend 3 courses), plenary lectures and cultural-entertainment part.

The mini-courses are divided into 3 streams, in every stream there are 3 courses:

1. The borders of the Cultures

- The Language Expression of the Segmention in Modern Israel Society, Cyril Aslanov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem);

- Art Cosmos of the Ancient Synagogues on the Border between Antiquity and Middle Ages, Lidiya Chakovskaya (Moscow State Univeristy);

- Ashkenazic Music in the Context of the Eastern European Nations, Eugenia Khazdan (Saint Petersburg).

2. The Borders of the Identity

- The Caraites of the Russian Empire: in the Search for the Identity, Maxim Gammal (Moscow State University);

- Iranian Jews: Jewish Community Surrounded by Non-Jews during 26 Centuries, Vladimir Mesamed (Hebrew University of Jerusalem);

- Holocaust in the Mass Culture, Justyna Chaya (Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan).

3. Inner and Outer Borders

- The Jews and the Christian in the Middle Ages: the Images of the Borders and the Borders of the Images, Mikhail Maizuls (Moscow);

- The Borders of the Tradition: the Ways of the Modernization of the Traditional Jewish Society, Ilya Lurye (Hebrew University of Jerusalem);

- Inner and Outer Borders: the Jews, National Movements and National States in Eastern Europe in the First Half of the 20th Century, Semion Goldin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Ilya Lensky (Museum "Jews in Latvia", Riga).

All the participants of the School are provided with free accomodation, meal, study materials and transfer from Moscow to Golitsyno. The cost of the participation is 2000 roubles.

The applications are being accepted till 20th of December. For the details contact us on

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