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Lecture Bureau Project: Alexandra Polyan in Minsk

   We are pleased to announce that from 25 to 28 of August Alexandra Polyan read her coarse "Yiddish: language, culture and tradition – let’s learn together" in Minsk, Belorussia, within the framework of the project “Lecture Bureau”, carried out by the Sefer Center with the support of AVI-CHAI Foundation and Genesis Philanthropy Group (CAF Russia "Jewish communities").

   The course included 8 lectures and was aimed at those who do not know the language and wanted to learn to read, to understand and to speak Yiddish at the basic level. Alexandra explained to the audience the fundamentals of Yiddish grammar, prepared an extensive print and audio material trying to do her best to facilitate the assimilation of the basics of the language in the given time frames.

You may learn about the impressions of one of the participants of the seminar E. Maltseva here (in rus).

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