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News and Events


Sefer Hosts Meeting of Senior Program Officer of the Tikvah Fund Alain Rubenstein with Moscow Young Scholars and Graduates

Senior Program Officer of the Tikvah Fund Alain Rubenstein met young Russian scholars and students involved in academic Jewish studies. The conversation took place in the Sefer Center (premise of the Russian Academy of Science).

Mr. David Rozenson, Program Director of the Avi Chai Foundation in FSU also took part in the meeting.

Alain Rubenstein discribed opportinities avaliable for students and post-graduates in the Tikvah programs. The foundation cooperates with great variety of prominent educational institutions – including Princeton University, New York University, University of Toronto, and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tikvah also has a publishing wing that produces a new periodical called the Jewish Review of Books as well as a daily website called Jewish Ideas Daily.

Tikvah is aimed at deepening students' understanding of the great intellectual treasures of Jewish thought and, by so doing, better equip them to be leaders in the world of Jewish ideas, Jewish letters, and political affairs relevant to the Jewish people.

Mr. Rubenstein's work is focused on the creation of outstanding summer programs that draw together intellectually gifted and visionary students to study great Jewish texts in a wisdom-seeking spirit and, as such, in dialogue with great texts from other religious and philosophical traditions.In this regard, he has presented a new Summer course at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (August 2011), with a focus on Religion and Politics.

The course's program is avaliable here (in Adobe Acrobat).

Meeting participants (scholars and students):

  • Maria Kaspina
  • Natalia Kireeva 
  • Sofya Kopelyan
  • Andrei Leonov
  • Ekateriba Mutovina
  • Boris Rashkovsky

Meeting participants from the Sefer Center:

  • Victoria Mochalova (Director)
  • Irina Kopchenova
  • Daniil Shapovalenko
  • Tatiana Shelonina
Photos from the meeting are avaliable here.

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