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"Sefer" Center Publishing Projects' Presentation

Dear colleagues, friends, readers,

On June 9, at 19:00  we would like to present joint publishing projects organised by "Sefer" Center and the Center for Judaic-Slavic Center of the Institute of Slavic Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences). The presentation will take place at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.


During the years of our existence (since 1994) we have published several series of publications dedicated to Jewish history and culture, interaction with other cultures, the preservation of Jewish cultural heritage and the study of the current situation in Jewish communities.

We'll be presenting the latest publication that we hope will catch your interest:

1. New issues of the Judaic-Slavic Journal (#1(5)2021, #2(6)2021) dedicated to Siberian and Belarusian Jewry;

2. "Laughter and humor in the Slavic and Jewish cultural traditions" M. 2021 (new issue of the annual "The culture of the Slavs and the culture of the Jews: dialogue, similarities, differences");

3. Annual "Tirosh. Jewish, Slavic & Oriental Studies". M. 2021. T. 21;

4. Collections of unique field materials obtained during Sefer expeditions in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia.

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For further information please follow the link for the announcement in Russian: >>>

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