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Advanced Seminar for Research Students

To meet the needs of the growing numbers of research students applying to The Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program at Tel Aviv University, the University is pleased to announce that they plan to introduce an Advanced Seminar class designed for university students who are nearly, or already proficient in Yiddish, and who are engaged in research that requires advanced Yiddish knowledge. 

The seminar is designed both to improve fluency, and to analyze selected texts in modern Yiddish literature, and will be taught by Dr. Miriam Trinh, Prof. Marc Caplan and Prof. Yitskhok Niborski.  

Students in this seminar will be required to submit two written papers each week. (The introduction of this new class is contingent on a minimum number of registrants). 

We would appreciate your circulating the above information among your colleagues and students and encouraging students to apply. 

You can also see a detailed list of the faculty.   

Application to the program is open until May 1.

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Many of the best students in the program learned about it from their teachers or colleagues, so we thank you for your support in the past and we ask for your help with enrollment for this summer. 

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