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Letter of support CEU

The members of the Moscow located International Association for Jewish studies Sefer are deeply saddened and concerned because of the Hungary government's proposition to alter CEU statutes of operation, which could damage its existence and negatively affect its international partnership.

Sefer as well as the whole academic community of the CIS and Baltic States highly appreciated the scholarly cooperation with CEU, remarkable for its impeccable academic reputation and many outstanding achievements in the field of Humanity (including Jewish Studies). Our colleagues from all over the Former Soviet Union, as well as the other countries received invaluable benefits from this intellectual interchange.

The importance of the CEU educational and research activity is acknowledged by many scientific institutions worldwide, and this is really hard to imagine European academic landscape without it.

We hope, that the Hungarian Government will reconsider the proposed initiative that may result in severe consequences for CEU and the European scholarship as a whole.

On behalf of the Association Sefer members,
Victoria Mochalova,

Moscow Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization Sefer

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