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Sefer wishes you a happy and good year!

Dear Colleagues,

Sefer Center is taking the opportunity to wish you a sweet and good year! Shanah Tova u-Metuka!

In the past year wwe succeeded to carry out a lot of programs: The twentieth anniversary international conference on Jewish Studies, the International Conference "Oral" and "Scriptual" in Slavic and Jewish cultural traditions, Winter and Summer schools in Moscow, Youth Conference, Field School in Georgia, School-expedition to Lithuania, Training program at the Department of Jewish Studies for university teachers in Jewish studies, as well as an annual program in Jerusalem "Eshnav", programs for high school students Sambation. Our lecturers have made more than 20 visits to the regions in the framwork of "Lecture bureau" program, more video lectures appeared on our website, in addition we developed new formats such as excursion schools (in August the excursion school in Austria-Hungary was held), webinars on Epigraphics (in the framework of the course at the Jewish Museum.) in the year 5773 there were published new editions, works on Jewish Studies, among which it is worth emphasizing two wonderful collection columes of results of field expeditions in Latgale and Belarus.

And we have done much for this year – with you and thanks to your support!

We wish you to look back in the year passing feeling proud of your achievements.

We wish you to look forward with hope and confidence, as new achievements are yet to come!

Let the coming year be fruitful and sweet! Le Shana Tova Tikatevu ve-Techatemu!

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