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Expedition to Balti (Moldova)

Field School in Balti (Moldova) was held on August  5-15, 2012. The school was organized by Sefer Centre with the support of “Avi Chai” Foundation. The aim of the expedition was to continue exploring the traditional culture and history of the Jews of Bessarabia, which began in the framework of "Sefer" schools in 2010 (expedition to Kishinev) and in 2011 (expedition to Balti), respectively.

This year the city of Balti  once again became the focus of the research. Members of the expedition met with Jewish old-timers, recorded stories of family traditions, religious rituals and holidays, life in prewar Balti and surrounding towns. As in the previous years, visits to other various towns were also included . The participants of the expedition met interesting people at Sorok, Briceni, Drochia, Floresti, Vertyuzhany and Ungheni. Interviews were recorded in Russian and Yiddish.

The itineraries of the expedition may be found on website :

It took place in Balti

It took place in Balti. Part two

It took place in Balti. Part three

It took place in Balti. Part of the fourth and final

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