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The XX International Conference on Jewish studies: call for papers

Dear Colleagues,

We are taking the opportunity to wish you a sweet and good year! Shanah Tova u'Metuka!

We are glad to announce the preparation for the 20th Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies, which will be held on Febuary 3-5, 2013, in Moscow, and we kindly ask you to send us your applications.

The Conference program as it does traditionally will include various sessions that reflect different aspects of Jewish Studies (Biblical and Talmudic studies, Jewish thought, Jewish history of various periods and regions, Jewish-Christian relations, the Holocaust, Israel studies, linguistics, Jewish literature, art, ethnology, demography, Jewish Education, Jewish genealogy and so on). Topics that will imply interdisciplinary approach are especially welcomed.

Among the special events we are planning to organize a special session, The Jews in the modern world: identity, memory, and the media, and Round Table for editors of periodic scientific journals on Jewish Studies.

The presentation of scientific publications on Jewish studies, published in during the previous year became a traditional and popular part of the Conference. At the opening of the XXth Conference we will be happy to announce the presentation of the books by the members of the Sefer International Advisory Board  Prof. Aliza Chenard (Beloved and hated. Woman in Jewish literature from the Bible to the present day, Bridges of Culture / Gesharim) and Prof. Shaul Stampfer (Lithuanian Yeshivas of the Nineteenth Century: Creating a Tradition of Learning / The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization). If you would like to present a new publication, please let us know to include it in the program.

Please send us your application forms, theme and short summary of your presentation at (with the note annual).

Other organizational details will be provided in the confirmation letter, affirming that your presentation is included into the conference program. The letter will be sent by the end of December 2013.

The organizers provide accommodation and meals for the conference participants from the CIS and Baltic States; however, the budget supposes no transport expenses reimbursement. We hope that your university/institution would be able to reimburse these expenses from the funds for business trips.

Full program of the conference will be published on our web-site after January 10, 2013.

The presentation time-limit is 20 minutes. The conference languages are Russian and English (no translation planned). The conference proceedings will be published.

We will be glad to see you at the conference!


the Steering Committee of the Conference

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