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Sefer Summer Programs 2012

    This summer Sefer’s student programs will include Summer school and International Youth Conference on Jewish Studies in St. Petersburg, Field-school expeditions to Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova and Belarus (see the pictures in the row below), the selected high school students are to participate in the academic creative Sambation-7 camp in Ukraine, as well as workshops at schools in Urals, Western Siberia and the Volga.

    Summer school on Jewish Studies and the Seventeenth International Youth Conference are particularly noteworthy as the traditional and the most significant ones. This year, these programs, organized in cooperation with the Department of Jewish culture and the St. Petersburg State University, will be held in St. Petersburg, on July 4-11.
    School on Jewish Studies (4-10 July), conducted jointly with the Center Chase (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to listen to lectures on the History of Jews in Eastern Europe, Jewish thought, Jewish literature and art, Israel studies. Lectures will be given by the leading experts from Israel and Russia, enjoying the recognition both in this country and abroad.
    Aside from the lectures, the school participants will have an opportunity to take part in the tours devoted to Jewish St. Petersburg, master classes, intellectual games, film showings and lots of communication with interesting people.
In addition a special archive stream is to be created that will be made up of a small group of undergraduate and graduate students who are professionally engaged in archival research (and took part in the previously held by Sefer field schools on Jewish Archeology).
    The school enjoys the support of the Avi Chai Foundation, Genesis Philanthropy Group (Charities Aid Foundation “The Jewish communities”).
    The XVII International Youth Conference on Jewish Studies (July 10-11) will gather bachelor and master students, undergraduates and graduates - young scientists under 35 years old engaged in research in various fields of Jewish history, culture and civilization. The sections will include biblical studies and Semitic, Jewish thought, Jewish history, ethno-cultural contacts, Israel studies, Jewish literature, art and music, sociology, psychology, etc.
    The best papers will be published in “Tirosh. Works on Jewish Studies” in 2013.
    The organizers will provide program participants with accommodation, meals, educational and cultural program.

All the reports about the schools will be published in the section "Educational programs" of our website

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