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School of Anthropology of Religion in Volgograd: general review

School of Anthropology of Religion held in Volgograd from 19th to 28th of July was supported by the Center for the Study of religions of the Russian State Humanitarian University and the charity program of the Genesis Group “Jewish communities” CAF-Russia within the framework of the project “Grassroots-2011”.

The school was a part of the project “Searching for the lost Jews” which was aimed at studying the diversity of opportunities and involvement with Judaism and Jewishness and popularization of this knowledge among the diaspora. Volgograd school lectures were followed by field practice. Lectures given included a familiarity with the history and characteristics of cultural tradition and historical memory crypto-Jews and Judaizers in different
regions at different times. Teachers of the School: A. Lvov (European University), L. Belianska (Volgograd), G. Zelenina, L. Zhukova (RSUH). The participants were students, graduate students, young researchers from different countries and regions of Russia.

Field practices were organized in Volgograd and the village Primorsky (the former Jewish collective Stalindorf), home to descendants of Russian Judaizers (subbotniks).

According to the results of the school a photo-booklet is to be published, as well as publications in scientific
and popular publications.

For the reviews of the participants (rus) and more you may go to the Russian version of our site.

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