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Online Winter School on Jewish Studies “Back to the Future”

(Moscow, February 2–5, 2023)

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The Online Winter School on Jewish Studies will be held February 2–5, 2023 by the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Academic Research and Humanitarian Purposes Center Sefer. The school is supported by the Embassy of the State of Israel, the Russian Jewish Congress, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and JOODS Humanitair Fonds. We invite students, graduate students and young researchers (up to 45 years old) whose areas of interest include: Jewish history and culture in the late Russian imperial and Soviet years, history and culture of the State of Israel, the relationship between the American Jewish diaspora and Israel. Two parallel lecture tracks will include various aspects of the general topic: Jewish refugees and evacuees during the Second World War; the fate of Jews during evacuation compared to other population groups; the successes of Soviet Jews in the off-the-books and semi-legal economy; the image of Jews as inhabitants of "places in the sun", opposed to the image of "simple honest Russian people" and the Jews’ reactions to such attitude; the problem of preservation and representation of the Jewish cultural heritage by various scientific and museum institutions in Russia and the USSR (1900s - 1930s); the connections among the concepts of "culture", "innovation" and "entrepreneurship" as exemplified by the State of Israel; the specifics of the current stage of Israel's political development; the origins of the crisis in the relations between the Jewish community of the United States and Israel.

The School program includes mini-courses (consisting of 4 lectures). Each participant of the school may listen to 3 mini-courses and plenary lectures, as well as to participate in the online-quest, master classes and a cultural program. Applications are welcome through the online form until January 15, 2023.

Tracks and mini-courses:


1 lecture

2 lecture

3 lecture


Back in the USSR



Zeev Levin


Evacuation, Deportation, Refugees of the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Rear: Perspective from the 2022 


Galina Zelenina


Jews, Money and "Authorities" in the Soviet Union



Александр Иванов


Jewish Ethnographic Field Expeditions and Museum Construction in Russia and USSR in 1900-s – 1930-s 


Dmitry Maryasis


Culture, Innovations, Entrepreneurs. Israel's Experience

Elizaveta Yakimova


State at the Crossroads: Politics of Israel amidst the Crisis

Luisa Khlebnikova


American Jews and Israel: from unconditional support to gradual estrangement?

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