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Ulpan Scholarships

Ulpan Scholarships are now available for European graduate students and early career scholars of Jewish Studies to undertake Hebrew language programmes in Israel during the Summer of 2018. These scholarships have been funded through the generous support of the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe.

Applicants can apply for study at any of the Summer Ulpan programmes offered by the following universities:

  • Tel Aviv University International School (Summer Ulpan)
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rothberg International School (Jerusalem Ulpan, Summer Ulpan, and Scopus Ulpan)
  • The University of Haifa (Hebrew Intensive Summer Programs)
  • Ben Gurion University (Summer Ulpan)
Applicants may apply for up to 1500 GBP toward their tuition and housing costs and, in cases where housing is not required, the remainder of the grant may be used towards travel costs in cooperation with partner travel agencies.

In order to be eligible to receive an Ulpan Scholarship from WUJS, applicants must be:

  • EU citizens or citizens of another European non-EU member country (Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia)
  • Based at a European University;
  • Either a graduate student or early career scholar (who received their doctoral degree no more than five years ago);
  • Researching a topic within the field of Jewish Studies;
  • Able to demonstrate the relevance of Hebrew language skills to their research interests.
Applicants for Ulpan Scholarships will have to apply BOTH to the educational institution for the study programme as well as to the World Union of Jewish Studies for the grant. Successful candidates will receive the grant on condition that they are accepted to the Ulpan programme. They will be required to participate in the programme and submit a final report to the World Union of Jewish Studies after completion of the programme.

For the application form click here. If you cannot access the form, please contact us at 

Deadline for 2018 summer language programme grants: April 30, 2018.

Applications must be sent to the World Union of Jewish Studies:

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