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International Program for Hebrew and Biblical Studies in Ostroh

The Center of Jewish Studies at the National University of Ostroh Academy offers an Interdisciplinary Certificate Academic Program for Hebrew and Biblical Studies.

The goal of the Program is teaching of Hebrew and various philological disciplines related to the study of the Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism.    

The Program includes three sessions: the Spring session (May 21-31), the Summer school (July 10-31), and the Fall session (November 20-30). These three sessions cover 19 courses on different philological subjects; the general number of academic credits (ECTS) is 50. However, the number of credits (ECTS) which is necessary for graduation of the Program is 21 in the standard disciplines; if a student does not have an intention to get a certificate of the entire Program and wants to take only some courses, he / she will receive a certificate of those courses which have been chosen. So a student may register only for participation in the Spring session or the Summer school, or for Spring and Fall sessions plus the Summer school, of his / her own choice.  


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