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JUDAICA UKRAINICA - Call for Papers 2015

Judaica Ukrainica, a peer-reviewed annual journal, invites submissions for the next volume.


We publish scholarship on history and culture of Jewish civilization and review new materials in relevant subfields. Papers focusing on East European context and Ukrainian-Jewish interactions are highly encouraged. However, papers devoted to other areas of Jewish Studies are possible as well.


Beside English papers others submitted in Ukrainian or Russian are also eligible.


For publication in the next volume, all articles and reviews should be submitted  by March 1, 2015  through e-mail to


Papers submitted after the above-mentioned date may be considered for publication in a future volume. Submitted papers will be subject to peer-review before acceptance for publication.


Instructions for Contributors


JU applies The Chicago Manual of Style (humanities style) for all papers.

The Manual can be found at URL


Non-Latin alphabets are not used in the reference list, so the title needs

to be transliterated.


A Note on Transliteration of the Ukrainian, Russian, and Hebrew

characters you can find at URL


The transliteration of Yiddish should be done in accord with the YIVO rules, which can be found at URL

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