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Paideia: Fellowships in Jewish Studies 2013/2014

Explore the plurality of Jewish Civilizations!


The Paideia One Year Jewish Studies Program offers a unique international Jewish studies experience during eight months in Stockholm with the possibility of completing a 120 ECTS Master in Jewish Civilizations at the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg  


Experience a year in Stockholm of:

  • Academic studies of Jewish text and culture
  • World-renowned faculty from Israeli and European universities
  • Interactive text studies using the Hevruta method of studying in pairs
  • Applied project work and individual research projects
  • Networking in an open, international and pluralistic European environment
  • Hebrew Ulpan on three levels, six hours per week
  • Optional second year of studies at the HfJS in Heidelberg
  • Follow-up programs and Alumni conferences

Grants for tuition and living expenses are available.


Deadline January 15, 2013

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