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Jewish Studies Fellowship in Jerusalem 2012/2013 Academic Year

In an effort to enhance the quality of courses, instruction, and research in Jewish Studies at universities throughout the world, a Visiting Fellowship programme has been established by Yad Hanadiv and the Beracha Foundation. Fellowships are awarded each year to scholars in Jewish Studies, who hold non-tenured university positions at the time of their application. Fellows will spend a year in Israel, pursuing their research projects, while participating in a structured programme in their field of study. The programme will include regular meetings with a senior scholar who will serve as an academic supervisor to each fellow. The Fellows will be required to confirm that upon completion of the 2012/2013 academic year they will resume teaching Jewish Studies at a University outside Israel.

Candidates wishing to apply for a Fellowship for the academic year 2012/2013 must meet the following criteria:

1. Dissertation must have been submitted by the time of the application, and the PhD degree must have been awarded before the beginning of the fellowship period.

2. PhD was obtained on or after September 2006.

3. Fluency in Hebrew.

4. Permanent, non-Israeli residence.

5. Involvement specifically in the teaching of courses in Jewish Studies.

Amount of Fellowship:

The Fellowship for 2012/2013 will be in the amount of $24,000 plus a family allowance ($3,000 for spouse and $3,000 per child), where applicable. A Fellow will be entitled to a modest travel grant, depending on the place of origin and the size of the family. Expenses for housing and medical care are the sole responsibility of the Fellow.

Deadline for receipt of applications: 23 December 2011.

Applicants will be advised as to the decision of the Steering Committee on or before 30th January 2012. Further information and application forms may be obtained from:

Prof. Isaiah Gafni or Ms. Natania Isaak

Yad Hanadiv/Beracha Foundation Fellowships

16 Ibn Gvirol Street, 92430 Jerusalem, ISRAEL


Tel.: 972-2-566 5107, ext. 310

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