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Paideia One-year Fellowship 2011-2012

Paideia is a non-denominational institute of higher Jewish learning with an academic focus on textual sources.
Dedicated to the renewal of European Jewish culture, Paideia is also an applied institute linking academic studies to action.

Paideia offers a unique international Jewish studies opportunity in Stockholm. The main features are:
  • Academic studies of Jewish text and culture
  • World-renowned faculty from Israeli and European universities
  • Interactive text studies using the traditional Hevruta method of studying in pairs
  • Applied project work
  • Networking in an open, international and pluralistic European environment
  • Hebrew Ulpan – 5 hrs / week
  • Follow-up programs and conferences
Candidates should have the following qualities:
  • Commitment to the renewal of European Jewish culture
  • Intellectual curiosity and documented academic experience
  • Interpersonal and leadership skills
Prior study experience in Jewish text or Hebrew is not required.

All classes taught in English.

The studies at Paideia are tuition free. Paideia students are candidates for student accommodation provided by Paideia and stipends meant to free you from work while participating in the program. Paideia’s number of scholarships is limited. Students who are financially self-sufficient or have external financing will therefore have a better chance of being accepted to the program.

Paideia has only 25 scholarship and they are distributed on an ongoing basis. Therefore the earlier you apply, the better chances are to get a scholarship.

Important dates:
Application I: Dead line March 1 (decision by April 15).
Application II: Dead line April 15 (decision by June 1).

For more information visit Paideia on the web.

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