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The Fourth Warsaw Conference for Young Jewish Studies Researchers

Organizer: The Mordechai Anielewicz Center for the Study and Teaching of the History and Culture of Jews in Poland (Institute of History, University of Warsaw).

Dates: 14th-16th June 2011 .  Venue - Warsaw.

The conference is planned for last year undergraduate students, postgraduate students and PhD students under the age of 30. It aims at showing the full view of today’s interests of young researchers, as well as the condition of research on widely understood Jewish Studies.

Conference will focus on worldwide history of Jews and the history Israel from ancient time until today. It will cover Shoah-related topics, sociology, culture, literature, history of art, linguistics (Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino) as well as religion and philosophy related questions.

We would like this conference to become a platform for young researchers across the world, on which they could exchange thoughts, ideas and interests. The history and culture of Jews is an integral part of European
social life throughout centuries and therefore it deserves researches as wide as possible.

Over a year ago our colleagues published chosen presentations given on the first conference our Jewish Studies Section of the Historians’ Knowledge Circle have organized. Currently we are finalizing the publication summarizing the second and third conference. Accordingly to our financial possibilities we expect to publish a book summarizing the fourth conference by the end of year 2011. We expect the publication to be in two languages accordingly to the language of presentation: English and Polish with a short summary of each speech given in another language. 

To take part in the conference kindly download the conference form and fill it in. please submit your forms together with a short draft of the paper to .

Please keep in mind we will only consider papers send in Polish or English.

We expect the proposed speeches to be not longer than 15 minutes, that’s approximately 7 pages of standard print. The deadline for submitting papers is 31st March 2011.

We will provide you with all the documents your home university may need to help you take part in the conference. Should you need any help or information do not hesitate to ask the organizing committee at

More details at

Download Application Form - here.

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