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Sephardic World YouTube Library

Sephardic World YouTube Library


Over the last year Sephardic World has become the leading forum for learning aboutSephardic history and genealogy.To celebrate first year of project, videos of past meetings vere uploaded to YouTube. More videos will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks. The meetings below are now available to watch for free:

• Daniela Weil - Dutch Brazil and the first Jews of New York

Jacob Marrache Fischel - Jewish Genealogy in Morocco

Alain Nedjar - Livorno Sephardic Marriage Registers

Jarrett Ross - Family Nunes Vaz, a Journey of Western Sephardic genealogy

Aviva ben-Ur - Suriname: Jewish Autonomy in a Slave Society

Adam Brown - Sephardic DNA project

Heide Warncke - Highlights from the Ets Haim collection

Michael Waas - Muestro Yerusha: Jewish heritage and Identity in the Ottoman Empire

Noam Sienna - Rabbis with inky fingers: Making the 18th Century Hebrew Book

Stanley Mirvis - The Jews of Eighteenth Century Jamaica

Laura Arnold Leibman - The Art of the Jewish Family: A History of Women in Early New York in Five Objects

Randy Schonberg - - Good for the Sephardim?

Harmen Snel - The Amsterdam Notarial Archives

Luca Ascoli - The Jews of Italy

Sephardic Horizons - Libyan Jews in the Maelstrom of Modern History

Sarina Roffe - Syrian Jews from Aleppo to Brooklyn

Steven Nadler - Menasseh ben Israel vs the Rabbis

David Lisbona - From Glory to Dispersion - the Sephardic Lisbona family from Damascus

Ton Tielen - "My Heart is in the East..." Financial support for Eretz Israel from the farthest West

Steve Delgado Porter - From Portugal to Jamaica - The Delgado Story

Adam Brown - Genetic Census of the Sephardim

Alexander Beider - Jews in the Maghreb - Their Surnames and their Roots - Alexander Beider

Michael Waas - Jewish Archives in the Ottoman Empire

Jean-Claude Kuperminc - The Alliance Israélite Universelle - Sources for Sephardic Studies and Genealogy

Jessica Roitman - Sephardim in the Atlantic World

Emile Schrijver - Amsterdam - Bookstore of the World

Alain Farhi - The Farhi of the Levant

Julia Creet - Data Mining the Deceased

Schelly Talalay Dardashti - Sephardic Research, Past, Present and Future

Inês Pires Nogueiro - Is there genetic evidence of Jews in Portugal?

Carla Viera - Vindos de Portugal

Daniel Smith-Ramos - Spain - Essential pre-1750 Records

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