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International research conference Violence in the digital age is to take place at UTMN

The event aims to explicate 'positive' interpretation of violence that specifies the concept of 'divine violence' declared by Walter Benjamin within the framework of the digital age. By deconstructing traditional justifications for violence based on the concept of 'evil human nature', we intend to overcome a gap between human longing for individual, non-police justice and even more deep nostalgia for the times when justice was not about collective punishment.

The discussion will be arranged around four topics:
1. Archaeology and genealogy of violence (biology, anthropology, philosophy, theology, law);
2. Social and political aspects of violence (gender and war, systematic and domestic violence, terrorism);
3. Digital violence: new ethics and old law;
4. Visualization of violence and media art.

Petar Bojanić, Maurizio Ferraris, Massimo Palma, Oliver Grau, Lev Manovich.

To participate, pleasesubmit your applicationbefore September, 25.
Participation is free, however transfer and accommodation expenses are not covered by the organizing institution.
Admission is open, your academic position, citation index, relevance of a research topic are of no major importance.

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