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Dear friends!

We wish you a warm and a bright Hanukkah! 

One of its miracles has happened to Sefer recently! We are pleased to inform you that the process of our reorganization, which took almost a year, is completed now, and we have become the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Academic Research and Humanitarian Purposes Center Sefer. A new stage in the life of the Sefer Center has begun. We believe that many new conferences, schools, books, expeditions are ahead of us. 

As before we are staying and continuing our work to support our community and to supply academic and friendly communication for all the people united by Jewish Studies. Let us hope that we will overcome these trying times and witness many Hanukkah miracles and good changes in our future together.

During our 10 years of existance in a previous institutional-legal form we organised:

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We published:

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We awarded 70 research grants and organised the "Eshnav" internships for 51 researchers.

Our lectures gathered plenty of listeners:

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Welcome to Sefer Center projects! 

We prepared some videos so that you could have a glimpse of our previous events and recall inspiring and insightful moments shared with Sefer community:

Video Memories about the Sefer Center 

Slideshow about our Field Schools

Slideshow with the archival photos from our events

Video about our Field Schools

Video about our Summer and Winter Schools