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Письмо Ральфа Гольдмана

Мы рады, с разрешения автора, опубликовать письмо Почетного Вице-президента Американского еврейского распределительного комитета и одного из отцов-основателей Центра "Сэфер" Ральфа Гольдмана. Дорогой Ральф, спасибо за такие теплые слова!


Dear Vica,

 I received your interview of May 20th with the AEN Jewish News Agency.  (Unfortunately, it took a long time to get it translated.)

 I am writing to you with a sense of great gratification, not because of the reference to me, but because of what you and your colleagues have accomplished in these 18 years, plus the four years you attended the programs of the INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF UNIVERSITY TEACHING OF JEWISH CIVILIZATION. 

 You and SEFER are an outstanding example of Jewish Communal Service. 

 The success of SEFER is due to your determination and all the work you and your colleagues have put into it to make it successful throughout the 15 states that used to make up the Soviet Union.

 Maimonides taught us that one has to help himself and to be independent.  Sefer is a good example of how non-profit organizations should work.  Outsiders can only help you innovate things, but the local community must carry the final responsibility.  This is the obligation of the Joint also, to encourage the local community to carry the responsibility as can be seen by the people that support you. The late Moshe Davis and the leadership of the INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF UNIVERSITY TEACHING OF JEWISH CIVILIZATION throughout the years would be proud of your achievements. 

 Thank you for fulfilling my dream which I had for the people of the former Soviet Union, that they would succeed in bringing back Jewish Culture to a place where it had been forbidden and depressed for so many years.

 With appreciation and best wishes to you, your family, and your colleagues,




Honorary Executive Vice-President



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