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Tirosh. Jewish, Slavic & Oriental Studies / Ed.-in-chief M.M. Chlenov, Vol. 18, Moscow, 2018. 252 pp.

The 18th volume of annual "Tirosh. Jewish, Slavic, Oriental Studies" included 16 articles by young scientists from Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Lithuania and Russia, who devoted their research to a wide range of topics: from Jewish languages and translations of classical texts to Jewish literature of the XXth century, from the history of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe in Modern times to the history of the State of Israel, from the study of modern Jewish identity in Russia to the reflection of the cultural memory of Jews in the Museum exhibitions of modern Balkan States.

Editorial Council:

S.N. Amosova (Moscow), M.I. Hammal (Moscow), L.M. Dreyer (Moscow), D.A. Maryasis (Moscow), V.V. Mochalova (Moscow), A. Sivertsev (Chicago), A. Shternshis (Toronto), L.S. Chakovskaya (Moscow)

Editorial Board:

I.V. Kopchenova (Managing Editor, Moscow), S.V. Nikolaeva (Saint-Petersburg), I. Pichugin (Moscow), M.M. Chlenov (Editor-in-chief, Moscow)

Page-proof: I. Pichugin

Proofreader: V. Komarova

ISSN 2658-3380

ISBN 978-5-7576-0424-4

DOI 10.31168/2658-3380


Table of Contents

Jewish Languages and Classical Texts, Epigraphy

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.1.1

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.1.2

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.1.3

Publicistic Writing and Fiction in XIXXX Centuries

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.2.1

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.2.2

Jewry of Central and Eastern Europe

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.3.1

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.3.2

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.3.3

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.3.4

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.3.5

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.3.6

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.3.7

The State of Israel

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.4.1

Valeriya Tarasova, Irina SuslinaLaw Protection of Computer Programs in the State of Israelp. 206-218
DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.4.2

Contemporary Jewish Identity
DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.5.1

DOI: 10.31168/2658-3380.2018.18.5.2