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Tirosh – Studies in Judaica; Vol. 17, Moscow, 2018. 312 p.

Editorial board: M. Chlenov, I. Kopchenova, S. Nikolaeva, I. Pichugin
Pagemaking: I. Pichugin
Managing Editor: M. Chlenov

ISBN: 978-5-7576-0405-3
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Jewish Text and Manuscripts

Ekaterina Belkina (St. Petersburg) The Jewish Manuscripts from «The Afghan Genizah»: First Steps in Research

Daniil Pleshak (St. Petersburg) Jewish Apocryphon Joseph and Aseneth as a Source of Yngvars saga víðförla

Tatyana Kuznetsova (St. Petersburg) Three Manuscript Versions of The Poem of Moses Ibn Ezra

Elena Novosiolova (Moscow) Old Testament Allusions in Spanish Chronicles of The Colonial Period

Jewish literature

Esther Zyskina (Jerusalem) Between The Enlightenment and The Tradition: Biblical Quotes and References in The Publicist Works by Ephraim Deinard

Ekaterina Kuznetsova (Regensburg) Two Translations of The Nag (Di Klyatche): History, Authors, and Stylistic Specifics

Anna Kamenetskaya (St. Petersburg) Israeli Literary Critics on Orly Castel-Bloom’s Novel Textile

East European Jewry

Andrey Shpirt (Moscow) Orthodox and Uniate Clergy and Their Attitudes Towards Jews in The middle of The 17th Century in The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Alexey Salivon (Stuttgart) Males Born in The Beginning of The 19th Century in Central Europe and Their Attitude Toward Military and War Affairs

Ilya Pechenin (Moscow) From a Thick Magazine to The Kopeck-Newspaper: The Cost of The Pre-revolutionary Jewish Press

Olga Shchuka (Grodno) Bund: The Main Activities in The Territory of The Western Belarus Turing The Interwar Period

Yanina Karpenkina (Moscow) Soviet Religious Policy Towards Judaism in Western Belorussia in 19391941

Roman Zhigun (Moscow) Image of the Holocaust in Polish Cinema of The Second Half of The 1940s

Justas Stončjus (Klaipeda) The Case of Vilnius Currency Speculators in 1962: Anti-Semitism in Soviet Lithuania

Maria Shishigina (Moscow) Revival of The Jewish Community of Perm in 1990s: The Correlation of Ethnic and Eeligious Motives

Alsu Garapova (Kazan) Youth at Smolensk City Synagogue: Problems of Identity Choice

Gennady Sivokhin (Minsk) Representation of Ideas on The Shoah in The Historical Memory of Witnesses to The Catastrophe and Their Descendants. The Case of The Expedition in Beshankovichy District of Vitebsk Region of Belarus

The State of Israel

Artyom Gofman (Kursk) The Role of The Israeli Diplomacy During The Suez Crisis (1956−1957)

Eugeniya Didenko (Minsk) Chinese Expert Community on The Difficulties and Prospects of Sino-Israeli Relations

Tatyana Moshkova (St. Petersburg) Russian-speaking Community of The State of Israel and Its Political and Electoral Structure

Aleksandra Atrashkevich (Minsk) Anti-Semitism in The Activity of Turkish Hezbollah

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