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News and Events


International Conference "The Сoncept of Borders in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Tradition"

(December 6-8, 2023, Moscow, Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky Prospekt, 32A, room 901)

Dear colleagues, we invite you to participate in the annual conference, which is the part of a long-term project on the comparative study of Jewish and Slavic cultures. The conference The Concept of Borders in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Tradition will be the twenty-seventh in a series of annual meetings of scholars working on the international project "Slavic Culture and Jewish Culture: Dialogue, Similarities, Differences" since 1995. This project is carried out by the Center for Judaic-Slavic Studies of the Institute of Slavic Studies, RAS in collaboration with various scientific and public organizations interested in cultural dialogue.

In recent years, researchers have shown a significant increase in interest in linguistic, ethno-cultural, ethno-confessional, and sociological processes characteristic of border regions, as well as in the tendencies of transforming linguistic and mental stereotypes reflecting the experience of centuries-old coexistence, in the mentality of the frontier and its linguistic means, linguistic, ethnographic, and sociological aspects of interaction between different cultural traditions.

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