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International Summer School on Jewish Studies in Ostroh
July 10-17

International summer school on Jewish Studies and Semitic philology in Ostrog is organized by the Sefer Center (Moscow) and Center of Jewish Studies of the National University of Ostroh Academy (Ostroh) together withThe International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization, Jewish University (Jerusalem) and supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group, Rothschild Foundation Europe and Israel Cultural Centre by the embassy of Israel in Ukraine.

105 students and 25 teachers from Belarus, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Czech Republic participated in the school.

This year the usual summer school on Jewish studies was united with the unique school on Semitic philology, which was initiated by the lecturers from Russia, Ukraine and Israel and took place on 11-31 of July, 2016.The participants of the school had chance to attend both the lectures about the history of the East-European Jewry and the lectures about Semitology. The students could begin or continue the larning of Aramaic, Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, Syrian and other Semitic languages.

Click on the image to see the full program (in Russian)

Every participant attended 3 different course from the thematical blocks. The detailed information about the courses, syllabuses and bibliography is available on the Russian version of this site.

1 lecture

2 lecture

3 lecture

History of the East-European Jewry

Vladimir Lyubchenko

Facing the changes: history and demography of the Ukrainian Jews in the 17-18 centuries

Semyon Goldin

The Jewish question in the East-European ideology and politics (19th - first part of the 20th century)

Cyril Aslanov

The language horizon of the East-European Jews: from the Middle Ages to modernity

Jewish Chronology

Maxim Hammal

From periodization to ideology: the destiny of the Jewish historiography in the Modern time

Alexander Gordin

The Rabbinic calendar and Medieval Jewish chronology

Victoriya Mochalova

The Jewish calendar in the eyes of Christians


Katerina Peresada

Introduction to Old Hebrew

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Sergey Lyozov

Aramaic languages. Introduction

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Yakov Eydelkind

The stories of the patriarchs in the Book of Genesis


Matthew Morgenstern

Introduction to Babylonian Jewish Aramaic

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Dmitry Tsolin

Biblical Aramaic

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Alexey Lyavdansky

North-West Semitic epigraphics (1st millenium BC)


Alexey Duntsov

Introduction to the Arabic of the Quran

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Vera Tsukanova

Introduction to Modern Literary Arabic

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Vera Tsukanova

The history of the Arabic language


Joseph Freedman

The Amharic language: general introdiction and typological characteristics comparing to the classical Semitic languages

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Alexey Lyavdansky

Introduction to North-West New Aramaic

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Kiril Bittner

The textology of the Book of Isaiah


Nikita Kuzin

Introduction to the Turoyo language

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Yulia Furman

Introduction to Classical Syrian

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Alexey Muravyov

The Classical Syrian literature of the 2-13 centuries: the main authors and tendencies

The information in English about the courses on the International School on Semitic Philology, which continued after 17th of July csn be foundhere.

Besides lectures and seminars (which lasted even in the late evening) the students had a possibility to attend everyday walking tours in Ostroh and surroundings. On the weekend students could choose between the excursions to Dubno and Lutsk, to Lviv, to Medzhibodz and Kamenits-Podolsky. These tours were led by local guides and accompanied with interesting lectures given by our teachers – the specialists in the Jewish history in Eastern Europe (Victoria Mochalova, Vladimir Lyubchenko, Semyon Goldin).

As usually, there were also Israel movies as a part of entertainment program.
The concert of Kiev Pushkin Klezmer Bandtook place on our school.