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Epigraphic School-Expedition in Birzhai (Lithuania), 

13-21 August 2014 

This school was the continuation of epigraphic expedition in Birzhai in 2013 (organized by Sefer Center) when 500 of the Jewish tombs were catalogued (from around 1000) and 53 interviews with the locals were written down during one week.

Birzay2014_foto_17.jpgThis year 16 participants from Russia, Belarus, Moldova and USA finished the work on Jewish cemetery, more than 900 matzevot were worked up. Between the participants were students that took part in the first school in Birzhai as well as the new ones. Almost all of the participants took part in webinar course on Jewish Epigraphy organized by Sefer Center in advance.

The results of the 2 expeditions were published.

The program of the school (in Russian) is available here.

Photo Album is here

The School in Birzhai was organized by Sefer Center with the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group and UJA Foundation of NY.