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20th Anniversary International Youth Conference on Jewish Studies
in Moscow
(July, 12)

The conference took place on 12th of July in Voskresenskoe park-hotel (near Moscow). 
58 students and scholars from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic and the USA performed their reports on the conference. 

Conference program is available here (in Russian)

10 sections worked during the conference:
  • Jews in the Russian Empire (chairperson: Alexey Chevardin)
  • Archival and Epigraphic Researches (chairperson: Boris Rashkovskiy)
  • Yiddish: Linguistic Studies (chairperson: Alexandra Polyan)
  • Jewish Literature of the 19-20 Centuries (chairperson: Alexandra Polyan)
  • Antisemitism and Holocaust (chairperson: Ilya Lensky)
  • Jews in the Ancient Times and Jewish Thought (chairperson: Mikhail Vogman and Dmitry Bratkin)
  • Between Two World Wars (chairperson: Maksim Griger)
  • Socialistic Period (chairperson: Maksim Griger)
  • Gender in the Modern Jewish History (chairperson: Galina Zelenina)
  • The State of Israel: from History to Modernity (chairperson: Maksim Gammal)

The best reports will be published in "Tirosh. Works on Jewish Studies".

Photos can be found on our website