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"Slavic and Jewish Culture" Conference Cycle

Annual International Judeo-Slavic Academic Conferences
are organized in the framework of the research project (developed from 1995) dedicated to comparative study of Jewish and Slavic cultures and traditions.
The conferences are organized by the Sefer Center and the Institute for Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, with the support of the AJJDC.

“Contacts and Conflicts in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Traditions”

(Moscow, December 7-9th 2016)

We invite you to take part in annual conference which will become the next step in the long project of comparative studies of Jewish and Slavic cultures.

Conference Contacts and Conflicts in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Traditions will be the 20th annual meeting of researchers who work since 1995 in the international project Culture of Slavs and Culture of Jews: Dialogue, Parallels, Differences (conducted by the Center of Slavic-Jewish studies of the Institute of Slavic Studies RAS together with different scientific and public organizations which are interested in the cultures dialogue).

20 is a number expression of a Hebrew letter kaf. Two letter which are in its name are first letter of words koakh (potential) and poel (actual). On this conference we will discuss not only the content of ideas describing the field of interaction and confrontation between cultural traditions, but also to analyze the turning of potential into actual.

It is supposed to speak about the questions connected to the topic of contacts and conflicts between close cultures and their representatives in different situations (ethnical and confessional). In the focus there will be questions about forms and types of contacts and conflicts, and the specifics of coexistence of Jewish and Slavic cultural traditions in the periods of stability and crisis. These issues will be discussed on the materials of oral and written texts, folklore, literature, philosophy, music and art.

The conference is multi-disciplinary. We invite historians, philologists, researchers of folklore, ethnographs to participate with the papers about comparative aspects of the topic.

We provide participants from CIS and Baltic countries with accommodation in Moscow.

The proceedings of the conference will be published.