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Sefer's 28thAnniversary

We are glad to share Sefermarathon program (September, 25, 2022, 14.00-19.00, Moscow times,on Sefer YouTube channel),.


Dear friends, Sefer Center is celebrating the 28th anniversary. All these years our mission was to support Russian-speaking scholars involved in Jewish studies. Sefer is not only a research organization, it is a community of like-minded people, friends and colleagues. We are united by our love to Jewish studies, and it is extremely important for us to continue working and supporting scholars and students, despite everything.
This year we would be especially grateful for donations that would help us to continue our projects, as well as for your congratulations, wishes and good memories.

Sefer Center's statistics (1994-2022)


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As a Birthday gift, we are glad to share our bestlectures,webinars,video reports and filmsfrom our schools, andphotos.

We are going to organize a Birthday Crowdfunding Zoom-Marathon on September, 25, and we invite you to take part in it: not only as listeners and donors, but also as speakers at an informal conference. We will be happy if you share your discoveries and achievements, obtained with the help of our programs, as well as your books, memories about Sefer, recorded video-congratulations.

Please, fill in this Participants form>>>

The deadline for filling in the form and application for presentation slots isSeptember, 20.