International Annual Conference on Jewish Studies


Dear Colleagues!

Welcome to the website of the Sefer Center's 27th International Conference on Jewish Studies – 2021!
Here you will find the conference program, meeting schedule, list of talks and links to Zoom rooms.
This year unlike all previous years Sefer had to respond to the challenge of the pandemic that hit the world and organize an online conference, but we hope that its level will not suffer from this. We are very pleased with the large number of applications received from different countries and we hope that the conference will be a worthy response of our scientific community to unfavorable external circumstances, a kind of intellectual “feast during the plague”.

We wish all the participants a pleasant and fruitful conference!

Some necessary technical tips:


The conference will be held in Zoom (Moscow time, GMT+3). Please indicate your real name and surname when entering the zoom. If you are suddenly disconnected from Zoom for any reason, please click again on the required link and run the program again. If it does not start, check if your computer is connected to the internet and if the connection is stable.


You can ask any organizational questions in the Telegram chat the button to join it is also on the website. To use the chat, you need to install the Telegram application on your computer or mobile device. If you are unable to install Telegram, you can ask organizational and technical questions by e-mail: sefer@sefer.ru, pr@sefer.ru.

We thank our sponsors

The project is being implemented by the winner of the Common Cause competition of the Effective Philanthropy charity program of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.

For technical support, please write to our telegram chat.

Organizing committee of the conference

Svetlana Amosova

(junior researcher, Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Oleg Budnitsky

(Dr., HSE University)

Mikhail Chlenov

(Dr., Center "Sefer")

Dmitry Elyashevich

(Dr., St. Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies)

Victoria Gerasimova

(Dr., Omsk State University; Center Sefer)

Maria Kaspina

(Dr., Russian State University for the Humanities; Center Sefer)

Irina Kopchenova

(junior researcher, Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; "Sefer" Center)

Olga Levitan

(Dr., Tel-Aviv University; Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Artur Markowski

(Dr., Warsaw University)

Victoria Mochalova

(Dr., Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; Center "Sefer")

Mikhail Seleznev

(Dr., HSE University)

Anna Shaevich

(Center "Sefer" )

Mikhail Vasylev

(Center Sefer)