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SEFER Academic Board

“Sefer” is governed by an Academic Board headed by Prof. Mikhail A. Chlenov consisting of leading scholars, researchers and professors from the Former Soviet Union:

Prof. Oleg V. Budnitsky, Academic Director, the International Center for Russian & East European Jewish Studies; Senior Fellow, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS),

Prof. Mikhail A. Chlenov, Academic Chairman, “Sefer” Center; Dean of Philological Department, State Classical Maimonides Academy (SMA); General Secretary, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress;

Prof. Dmitry A. Elyashevich, Rector, Petersburg Institute for Jewish Studies;

Prof. Ruvin Ferber, Chair, Center for Jewish Studies, University of Latvia, Riga;

Mr. Leonid K. Finberg, Director, Center of Studies of History and Culture of Eastern-European Jews, Kiev;

Prof. Arkady B. Kovelman, Chair, Department for Jewish Studies, Institute for Asian and African Studies, Moscow State Lomonosov University;

Mr. Mark Kupovetsky, Director, Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies, RSUH;

Larisa Lempertene, PhD, Program Director, Center for Studies of the Culture and History of East European Jews, Vilnius;

Dr. Alexander Lockshin, Institute for Oriental Studies, RAS;

Dr. Victoria V. Mochalova, Director, “Sefer” Center; Chair, Department for Slavic-Jewish Study, Institute for Slavic Studies, RAS;

Dr. Serguey Tischenko, Institute of Oriental and Classic Studies, RSUH


Shimon Yakerson, PhD, Professor. 

Head of the Semitology and Hebraistics department, Saint-Petersburg State University.

Our late Academic Chair (1994-2007) Prof. Rashid Kaplanov (1949-2007) was also the President of the European Association for Jewish Studies (2002–2006).