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SEFER Academic Board

from 27.05.2013 to 14.12.2022

“Sefer” is governed by an Academic Board headed by Prof. Mikhail A. Chlenov consisting of leading scholars, researchers and professors from the Former Soviet Union:

Prof. Oleg V. Budnitsky, Academic Director, the International Center for Russian & East European Jewish Studies; Senior Fellow, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS),

Prof. Mikhail A. Chlenov, Academic Chairman, “Sefer” Center; Dean of Philological Department, State Classical Maimonides Academy (SMA); General Secretary, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress;

Prof. Dmitry A. Elyashevich, Rector, Petersburg Institute for Jewish Studies;

Prof. Ruvin Ferber, Chair, Center for Jewish Studies, University of Latvia, Riga;

Mr. Leonid K. Finberg, Director, Center of Studies of History and Culture of Eastern-European Jews, Kiev;

Prof. Arkady B. Kovelman, Chair, Department for Jewish Studies, Institute for Asian and African Studies, Moscow State Lomonosov University;

Mr. Mark Kupovetsky, Director, Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies, RSUH;

Larisa Lempertene, PhD, Program Director, Center for Studies of the Culture and History of East European Jews, Vilnius;

Dr. Alexander Lockshin, Institute for Oriental Studies, RAS;

Dr. Victoria V. Mochalova, Director, “Sefer” Center; Chair, Department for Slavic-Jewish Study, Institute for Slavic Studies, RAS;

Dr. Serguey Tischenko, Institute of Oriental and Classic Studies, RSUH


Shimon Yakerson, PhD, Professor. 

Head of the Semitology and Hebraistics department, Saint-Petersburg State University.

Our late Academic Chair (1994-2007) Prof. Rashid Kaplanov (1949-2007) was also the President of the European Association for Jewish Studies (2002–2006).